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Graduation Information


Graduation Options: Every student in Texas graduates with a regular diploma.

Regular Graduation with TAKS or TAKS Accommodated

-Received all instruction in general education curriculum (TEKS)

-On grade level, no content modifications

-Passed all classes with at least 70%

-Passed TAKS or TAKS Accommodated

-Graduation under Recommended or Distinguished Program

Regular Graduation Participation on Exit Level Assessment

-Received all instruction in general education curriculum (TEKS)

-All instruction on grade level, no content modification

-Passed all classes with at least 70%

-Participation in state and district-wide assessments (TAKS or TAKS Accommodated)

-ARD Committee decision whether passing assessment is requirement for graduation

-Graduation under Minimum Program

Graduation by IEP

Student successfully completes IEP as shown when:

-IEP goals are mastered

-Curriculum and credit requirements completed/mastered at 70%

-Participation in state and district assessments

-Demonstration of one of the three conditions:

  • Full time Employment
  • Specific Employability and Self-Help skills
  • Access to Services not Provided by School

A) Full Time Employment

     -Full time employment as defined by ARD committee

     -Individualized according to the needs of the student

     -Not intended to replace academic instruction in core curriculum

B) Specific Employability and Self-help Skills

    Demonstration of:

     -Skills directly related to preparation of employment

     -Includes general skills to obtain/retain employment

     -ARD identifies skills and how student attains them

     -Could include academic, Career Technology Education, general career vocational skills,      community-based vocation instruction, etc.

C) Access to Services Not Provided by School

    Demonstration of:

     -Access to services from identified service provider

     -Providing (at time of graduation/will provide) services

     -Invited service provider to ARD

     -Provide documentation of approved access to services


Graduation by End of Age Eligibility

-Student no longer meets age eligibility (age 21 on September 1)

-Mastered IEP goals/objectives

-Participated in state/district assessments