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Parent Access to Documentation

Parents and guardians will receive access to their student's special education documents through our secure eSped Parent Portal. Click here to access the eSped Parent Portal.
Parents will be notified by email when a document is shared with them. They can then log into eSped to view the documents.
Clicking the Review button next to each document opens them within the browser window.

If a signature is required, there will be a button that says Sign Document on the row next to the shared document. When clicked it will open a confirmation box with the selections Commit or Review. Selecting Commit  will submit the document as an official electronically signed document.
If you have any questions, please contact the Cooperative Office at 936-336-8701. 

Below are frequently asked questions related to the Parent Portal. If you cannot find an answer to an issue here, please contact the Cooperative Office at 936-336-8701.

1. I cannot see the documents in my browser. This could be an error with your computer's PDF reader. Your PDF reader may need to be reinstalled or updated. If you can, try to access the documents from another computer or device.

2. I can't log in. When you receive your first email and document through the Parent Portal you will need to reset your password. Choose the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login screen and follow the directs to reset/create a password. 
3. What do I do if my email address has changed? First, contact your student's campus and update your information with the registrar. Secondly, contact your student's case manager or the eSped administrator and request that all documents be shared to your new address. Your previous account will still exist and contain all of the documents previously shared with you.